Hillary and the Congo

Hillary Clinton is in the news today after a fairly robust, if graceless, response to a mistranslation; I assume that she was tired and don't want to vent some pointless spleen (though I have never been a fan).

The other day, I put up a post asking 'what did you do in the African holocaust?', attempting, in a small and admittedly pointless way, to get people to note how that jungle's wars have consumed millions. Systematic rape against men and women is now an evolved feature of the conflict, which is substantially fuelled by demand for materials critical to modern technology, like coltan. In the midst of things, the United Nations has proved deeply flawed, and has even been host to the same Satanic darkness which did so much damage to the church.

To her credit, the Secretary of State is attempting to draw attention in a much bigger way to what is going on, though God alone knows what anyone from outside in their right mind could do about it. Still, at least she is making sure people know, though I suspect she is supplementing that with abortionists. Look on, and draw what lessons you will. We will all be judged in eternity, but some folks already live in hell.


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