In Iran, Palin won....

According to Juan Cole over at Salon. His article centres around the 'uncanny links' he thinks that he discerns between Palin and Ahmedinajad. It's fun as far as it goes, although last time I looked, Palin wasn't being accused of taking hostages in the early eighties. I write 'accused', as Ahmedinajad is, according to the CIA, innocent of that, and actually intervened with the Republican Guard to release British Sailors in his first term. He is at odds with Teheran's liberal elites--presumably liberals if they only kill on Tuesdays--and the old people who run his party and legal system.

Has Palin ever sanctioned public hangings and floggings of people who do gay things, though? I was under the impression that she shot wolves, not demonstrators, though I guess one could accuse her if one was so minded of stirring up violence against Obama in 2008. I think you'd have to be fairly liberal to do that--fairly left wing, really. And Hillary did it too, much more deliberately.

Fairness prevents me from hiding the fact that local militias, revolutionary guard headcases, and the authorities, not Ahmedinajad, seem to have been doing the shooting in Iran. I am not so silly, I hope, as to think that he was falling over himself trying to stop them.

Their styles and appeals are similar--but populism always is. It's the Populace to whom one is attempting to appeal, and their values, which surely should be borne in mind.

Anyway, if you squint a little, perhaps you can see the resemblance. Have a look.


Have to disagree with you on Palin and populism .

It was not Palin who swept to power on a wave of messianic populist hysteria without presenting much in the way of genuine policy . It was some other guy .

Palin was only populist insofar as she stood for and propounded policies which many , but not a majority ,agreed with .Policies which had been suppressed by a left-wing cultural consensus for decades .
It is that non-consensual consensus which has pilloried her in a most un-edifying display .

Anyway , I think I've found where she has fled to find a more caring , issues-based political agenda - and it's not Iran -
Martin Meenagh said…
Hi Young Oligarch

We may not have been in so much disagreement last year--I was quite symapthetic to Palin. As for a plurality agreeing with her, you may be right; but the deficit, wars, infrastructure collapse, a wheat deficit in US stocks, climate change psychosis, the debt and the systematic corruption of politics and the media over forty years would suggest that she should have genuinely put forward reform and not focus group populism.

If a million people tell you the sun is blue, even with a wink, they're as wrong as one doing so. She did, and then she took the media badness personally and refused to grow--all of Nixon's worst qualities and none of his many good ones. And she embraced torture.

I'll check out your link though--thanks for the comment.
Martin Meenagh said…
hahahahaha--thank you for that

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