Michelle does Elmo

The video below is very laudable, and I mean that. In it, Michelle Obama tells Elmo to eat a healthy lunch, and take exercise, whilst invoking Parents to be their own child's role model.

I watched it whilst eating a bacon and sausage sandwich. Now I feel like a couple of lucky strikes, and maybe one of those 'French 75' brandy and champagne things. With cognac, not gin. You see, we have free socialised medicine. It allows one to drink cocktails invented at the western front in the mornings.


Anonymous said…
HTML has tags for the sarcastic types... In a public policy sense, I am fully in favor of socially positive brainwashing... Are you up to speed on Mr. Rogers? He may have saved public broadcasting in the US...
Martin Meenagh said…
Hi Anonymous

Actually, I think that I blogged about Mr Rogers a year or so ago. I genuinely like Sesame street too--and (though of course I didn't have any at that hour) I did feel like Lucky Strikes and a French 75 yesterday.

I do think most Europeans would look at the clip as charming but alien. Americans, and some British people, tend to think of life as good if it is extended without stimulants and on people's own resources; others tend to think of life as lived if you and your bloodstream enjoy themselves.

I'm also a little mischievous, and would have been childishly happy if Elmo had done some of that muppet irony and passive aggression Miss Piggy used to do--or elmo did on The West Wing, when he asked Mrs Bartlett what sort of a qualified doctor doesn't do medicine for years and if she was licensed anywhere in America.

Thank you for the comment!

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