One for My Family

I've always believed that the census returns for Donegal were lost in the Civil War. I therefore thought that there would not be much record of my grandfather, to whom I was close, who was born in 1904. However, I've found a birth certificate here--I know my Aunt reads the blog--which details two five year old 'sons of farmers', both called Hughie Carr, both in Donegal. Can you tell which one is Grandad? All the rest are named as 'scholars', though the two here could not read. Click on them to see the birth certificates.

Does anyone have any sensible suggestions for how to trace a man whose name was changed and whose family circumstances were altered either here or in Magharafelt or Cookstown, partly because Unionists wouldn't let Catholics register too-Irish names and partly for other reasons? My Dad was a man of several identities....

Just as an aside, I also wonder about putting birth certificates on the web like this. It's not just a dim recollection of The Day of the Jackal that makes me wonder what people could do with a good printer.


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