What did you do in the African Holocaust?

Not to bring anyone down--with a post title like that, how could I?--but it seems that the Great War of the twenty-first century, and a good part of the twentieth, has taken a new, awful, and as usual, ignored form. Systematic male rape, supplemented by any and all forms of rape, is now the order of the day in the Congo war.

Millions of people have lost their lives in the Congo in recent years. Very few people care, it isn't reported, and you won't see the sort of 'huff-puff' moral outrage that many reserve for Jews defending themselves in Israel. I have a feeling, though I haven't been counting, that more concern has been shown for the great apes and chimpanzees native to that jungle than the human beings in it.

Still, systematic sexual assault, whilst one up on genocide, is a fairly awful endorsement of our species, don't you think? The Congo, I would remind you, is one of the major centres for the minerals that allow your mobile telephones, and for that matter the technology you are using to read this post, to work. Western leftists in particular seem to see oil wars everywhere; to a very real extent, what's happening in Congo is a Coltan war married to barbarism. Any demonstrations or boycotts, anyone?

Over the past few centuries, the Congo has hosted hell after hell. This time, government sanctioned 'pacification' is being visited upon the people there. Blame Belgium, or the dark heart of man, if you wish--either seems as sane.

What must it be to be born there? May God and his angels have mercy upon them.


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