The American Police Force: Now That's Free Enterprise

I was on a more than slightly strange, but entertaining, conspiracy site today when I came across a post which was intriguing, rather than diverting. America tends to look after its special forces and operatives. It also maintains 'arms length' organisations, partly out of legal concerns.

For instance, Britain, as is well known, maintains that anyone of use to its intelligence services are 'agents' of one sort or another. All British agents are shielded from exposure and very few are paid, or directly responsible to MI5 or MI6, or SOCA, the SRS, or any of the other bodies. I've known some of them over the course of the years and they strike me as straightforward men and women, and fun over a drink.

I have met Americans who 'served in Nicaragua' and so on, and I think that I did not impress them, mostly because at the time they turned up on my course in Oxford I was somewhat scared of them and they were mad.

Only those employed in America, which is much more open and legalistic, are agents. So for a good bit of its history, the various intelligence groups within the republic have turned to private corporations for intelligence and operational capacity. Frank Sturgis and Bob Maheu were not really aberrations, but in retrospect, they were somewhat amateurish.

I did have an interest in this sort of thing once, and would recommend, for instance, James Bamford's great works on the history of sundry national security agencies and groups in America to make my point. America is, kind of, feudal. A corporate barony, like ITT, in the past may have had more to do with intercepting wiretaps than the Treasury, for instance.

So I was curious when I came across this outfit, the 'American Police Force' who look like a fairly serious security outfit. They operate internationally. I'm sure that there is an ethnic issue with its founders, or something innocuous like that (like, say, deployment in Kosovo) which would explain my question--

Why is it that a private international security force in America uses the Serbian Coat of Arms as its badge?


Well, I've found out, and things get even more ludicrously complicated. The APF has, apparently, been touting itself as the police force in Hardin City, Montana, even though there is no police force in that city; the sheriff's department handles things. They have built a gaol there, which has no prisoners, because they seem to have wanted a security contract, according to this blogger.

I say police force. They turned up in three Mercedes, and declared themselves the police. Although this sort of thing is happening a little in Britain, it isn't quite as privateering as over there, as far as I can tell. They do like their declarations, those Americans.

The Internet Law and Business Blog, which has been tracing APF, appears to believe that APF is some sort of private shell organisation from Anaheim, and an 'internet scam' out to privatise prisons--not an elite intelligence front.

In the ILLB report, APF has been associated with individuals from the periphery of sundry Saudi defense efforts, and with an attempt to attract custom from Guantanamo Bay authorities which has been rejected by local bondholders.

The whole thing now reminds me of Norton I. He was a Californian who styled himself Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico in the nineteenth century (typically, the Norton referred to his surname, and turned his title into a professional one). Norton was bonkers, and even issued his own currency, just like other madmen such as Hitler and Alan Greenspan. However, stranger people subsisted on the free air in California, and Norton was left alone. He died in 1881, and became a saint in a joke religion so mad that I am familiar with it.

Really, though--twelth-century Serbian insignia, detailed on loopy UFO sites? Twenty-Seven million dollar private prisons? Declaring yourself a police force in Montana? I mean, could you make the United States up? It's like the inside of a human head somehow connected with the outside world, through some very strange dimensional gap. Wow. I feel a comic novel coming on.

Here's a promotional video from the Montana government.


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