Debtor's Revolt Video 3

I deliberately put that apostrophe before, rather than after, the 's', this time.

Ann Minch has heard from the Bank of America, following her attempt to get some sort of revolt against credit cards going. Not just anyone, but the Vice-President of the Bank, I think. The more I think about this, the more it seems a strange blend of consumer complaint and the very old American tradition of debt-defaults that kicked off the scrip campaigns and farmers' revolts that took off in the American colonies before the stamp act.

It's possible to over-pathologize though. Ultimately, this was a strong woman who wanted to be treated fairly, and because she was first, she got the publicity to create the conditions for it. She has identified that 'tea parties and letters to representative have done squat', and wants a 'cyber-revolution' to follow her actions. One shouldn't really mess about with women who have been anywhere near childbirth.

This video is a little rambling, but since Ann has been on Fox News, the bank is treating her properly. If only everyone subjected to usurious and predatory behaviour by the banks could get that. A website is coming, and clearly there is a spirit of insurgence out there--more on the right, than the left, but the soi-disant left these days are either subsisting in mental cages or scared of their own shadow. Her original passion is now somewhat muted. What will be interesting to see will be the website; can consumer tips and information be combined with righteous and Christian republicanism, of the sort usually found on the survivalist right or gun sites? Perhaps anarchism is not just the prerogative of the left.

Well done to her on getting her credit card bills down.


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