Defying the Banks

The woman below is about to start defying her credit card company. She owns no assets, and has no permanent job. Almost certainly, they are going to sue her or encourage her prosecution, though I do not know the laws of the state in which she resides. She calls what she is doing civil disobedience against usury. I cannot, of course, suggest that people break the law in this country, and am bound by the Bar Code of Conduct. Behind her threat lies the populist hope that she will not be the only one to do so; if she is right, the United States may well have a problem on its hands, and one which could spread elsewhere. Many Americans are armed.

UPDATE: The lady in the video above appears to be a Christian mom who once had 'rocker issues' called Ann. I don't propose to judge her political or eschatological ideas (with which I don't agree, but I don't have to), but she is articulate and possessed of a sense of herself. She works as a mental health professional, so presumably has some sort of handle on how to treat the banks after their psychotic breakdown. You can read about her here. I admire her, and wish her well, from what I can see.


Exile said…
OK, include me in on this one and I have reposted the video at my place.
Martin Meenagh said…
I'm not sure who the woman is, but I notice the video is well on the road to going viral.

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