Just Beautiful

My long term demented readers (who are, I am sadly informed, now only allowed to tap out my address on a keyboard with a soft stick held in their teeth, as their arms are being restrained, just like Mrs Mary Honeyball MEP's assistants) will know of my love for airships. I am especially attracted to the aeros craft, though I was informed last year by a regular reader that a world shortage of helium made it highly improbable that commercial aeroscraft would ever fly.

Anyway, the designer Massaud has won awards with the picture on this post, and I just wanted to put it up here. It is beautiful, and makes me feel like I'm lost in some crisp wood on a winter morning stunned by the whale in the sky.

And no, I don't need the nurses round. My girlfriend's back soon, and she can be a very angry woman when she gets the wrong idea....


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