Paying Bank Bills with Spider Drawings

Many of the people on the conspiracy site Above top secret come across as demented. Equally, since none of them seem to want to bomb, sack, deprive or cheapen anyone, and a good few of them seem quite sweet-hearted, I can't bring myself to laugh harshly at them. Call a man a fool, my pre-zombie Prince of Peace said, and you are offending against the Holy Spirit.

How are they mad, anyway, when making it on a major western newspaper requires you to sagely welcome the unemployment or bankruptcy of others, treat sundry banksters as worthwhile, or support the latest bomb whilst some child somewhere we've not heard from dies from it? Or when governing major countries requires you to support death vans, or atomic weapons, or the shell-game that the international bond markets have become?

We may be saved by love and reason, but there is precious little stored up in the 'sensible' world as far as I can see. When there is, it isn't much acknowledged. At least the British banned cluster bombs.

I thought Above Top Secret yesterday when I read in Foreign Affairs of the 2002 'millennium challenge' US military exercise in the Persian Gulf. The wargame, a thinly disguised trial run against an 'Iranian' foe (an American commander with a nominal fleet of small ships, Chinese missiles and some suicide boats) was derailed when the Iranians 'won'. Since the Pentagon had spent some $250 millions of dollars on the game, this could not be allowed.

So the Navy fired the Iranian commander, grounded the Iranian missiles, and required the Iranian armed forces to identify themselves by turning on their radar. Then the wargame proceeded satisfactorily. Old news. Nothing to see here, move along....

In a world like this, there is little wrong with a website which once famously asked its readers 'if anyone else was turning into a werewolf'. I could put on one of my more pompous modes (as you know, I have many), and suggest that going around spreading a sort of nutty credulity and paranoid doubt at once is wrong, morally. But really, is it? Relatively?

Apart from the premises and conclusions of most of its threads, the only thing wrong with ATS is that most of the media-political establishment and the likes of Noam Chomsky aren't on it. Then again, if they were, it really would be a nuthouse. The angels would be having their toenails painted from here to ougadougou. Leave your brain at the door and enjoy yourself. It gave me a smile tonight with this report from Australia, of a man who decided to try and pay off an overdrawn bank account with a drawing of a seven-legged spider. Bizarrely, he seems to have encountered a human being in the bank's e-mail department, who, whilst indulging him, and avoiding being diverted by his claim to be a time traveller, was insistent about his small debt.

It's a funny, whimsical exchange which makes me feel even better about Australia than usual. E-mails and personal service from an ordinary bank account? Now I know its unreal. There must be a catch; maybe Harold Holt was somehow behind it.

You know the drill. Clear your throats, and--no talking at the back--once again, with feeling and with apologies to my three, demented readers in the antipodes...


Mary said…
Thanks for that little story. It made me smile too. It would have been even better if they'd accepted the drawing as payment but I suppose that would set a dangerous precedent.
Martin Meenagh said…
Well, California is paying in IOUs now, and so are quite a few towns. How small do the backers of scrip have to become before I can issue my own currency?

I think that I will have a picture of an orange and a potato on it.

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