The Pernicious Delusion of Global Warming

The twenty years before 1999 brought forth many pathologies. One was a crazy worship of ideal market systems and their imposition on everyday life, regardless of people; others included neoconservatism, faith-based abusive atheism, uncontrolled tort and human rights law, the definition of men and women as sexual beings alone, and Pelagian approaches to criminals. Another was global warming.

These days, the lack of usefulness of these ideas is obvious to most people who do not take the media seriously. Unfortunately, those who do own, or who through the mechanism of credit think they own, the professions, the media, and the west, do take the media-political class seriously. That's because they staff it and live by it.

The graph shows the red (adjusted, massaged, or unreliable) line of the warmists' extrapolations about temperature in the past two millennia; the black what actually happened according to a fuller sample; the green a merged line, to take the variation into account.

We are spending billions, throwing away liberties, and empowering a form of low level, life-sapping tyranny that will turn houses into prisons (complete with slop buckets) and audit families for carbon on the basis of wholly invented rubbish unless we stop it.

Don't stop thinking. Don't turn off your critical rationality. Just don't treat grant dependent scientists as priests, or let the media-political class think for you. It is now fairly obvious that

(i) the past century has not been the hottest for some time
(ii) Global warming is not happening
(iii) No global warming model is anything other than partial and flawed
(iv) Carbon dioxide may be a reinforcing mechanism but does not cause global warming
(iv) The sun, the pacific decadal oscsillation, cloud cover and the solar wind are all better candidates for our temperature changes
(v) The world should manage the end of oil, the need to move to a sustainable industrial economy on the planet, and a transition to a fairer world, not chase rainbows and worship green nonsense.

We should all stop lying to each other about our grand capacities and impact and guilt. Self-confident, free men and women with a mind and a faith would not be pushed around by green rubbish any more than they would embrace progressive education, war as a policy tool, untrammelled markets, and the deep iniquity of the world economy and its mechanisms.

Then again, its Monday morning and it may be that you would prefer to snooze. Dream on, readers. Sometimes they come true....


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