The Smartest Leader in Europe Seems to Have Been Re-elected

I know that it is not saying much, given the competition, but I admire Angela Merkel, and the federal republic of Germany. She's won a new term. It may be that she can start the work of renewing the great, peaceful country that constitutes seventy per cent of the eurozone's economic weight. It may be that Europe is slipping away; that godlessness, and corruption, and the swirling, crashing lanes of what seems to me very like a long, extended financial crisis, might bring us finally down, a tributary of the Indian Ocean again.

At least, though, Europe now has a chance. If the mad, deceptive ambitions of the European Union, and the materialist parasites who have burned or wasted Europe's heritage, and education, and economy, are to be restricted or reversed, where do you think the effort will come from? Bribed electorates? Revolt? A Euro collapse?

Dream on. The courts of a free Germany and the sense of ordinary people that this Empire has gone too far will deliver that blow. Until then, I'd rather have sensible, serious, Christian Democrats like Angie, running the show.

I can't resist the video....


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