The Tent Cities in America--and Elsewhere....

Earlier this year, I noted that tent cities were becoming a global phenomenon, and that they had spread across Asia and America with very little media interest. Now, one of the most popular American breakfast shows has taken an interest in just one of them, in Sacramento.

With 'real unemployment' in America heading towards a fifth of the workforce (not counting illegal immigrants) on the government's own figures; with consumer credit having collpased; with the stimulus bill almost played out; with numerous states effectively insolvent; with an increasingly unquiet rush away from the dollar; and with banks, the federal reserve and the federal deposit insurance corporation still hiding their lack of funds--

how long before tent cities appear in every city?

It used to be said that globalisation created a first and a third world in every country. Here's the proof. If you are a conservative, are you really going to embrace neoliberal markets based on destructive energy models and now dependent on state subsidy? If you are on the left, is ideological purity and hanging on to your sect worth allowing this? If you think that you are of the centre, and that markets and individualism will solve everything, what is your answer to your fellow man and woman who have worked all their life and ended up here?

And what do you think will happen when these people have had enough? Once again (and thank you Geoffrey Chaucer and the Parson's tale)--if gold rust, what will iron do?

HAT TIP; the exile discovered this video and I should credit him.

and here they are in Asia; note the number of lawyers in the Tokyo Tent City;

and here are the police destroying one in St Petersburg, Florida


azurevirus said…
This indeed makes me furious..I dont know the number of tent city residents there are due to the constant job outsourcing..but I have read many articles of banks taking back homes..seems like they could outfit an abondoned warehouse or something to keep these folks in....I have yet to see any politicain mention these tent cities cropping up more and more on a daily basis..what makes me doubly mad is that alot of these homeless ppl prob voted that politician into office..but by God ..those politicians will bend over backwards to cater to illegal immigrants.
Martin Meenagh said…
Thanks for your comment azurevirus. Don't get angry--its destructive, and it stops people thinking. Ask, 'how do I stop this, how do I in a small way do something about this, how do I make others aware of it?' Thats they way to deal with it.

Welcome to the blog, by the way--sorry I took so long to respond!

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