International Unions are all the rage. As far as I can tell, West Africa is moving forward with a scheme to create the ECO currency by 2015 (having originally scheduled it for this year, as I reported previously after doing a spot of lecturing for some Nigerian Congressmen). The United Nations, or at least the trade commission thereof, seems keen (with Chinese Support) to turn SDRs into the BANCOR, the original proposed global currency. The African Union's Parliament, meeting in Libya, feted Mr Al-Megrahi the other day. Even the Euro-people are back from their holidays.

But, well--what's this you say? Hugo Chavez? Belarus? A new, trans-global USSR, except the Lebanese say it won't be because Mr Chavez said so?

Check it out. The Lieutenant-Colonel seems (for some reason in French) to be proposing a new, non-contiguous 'Union of Republics'. It may be founded on the way Venezuela wants weapons and Belarus wants oil, but genuine aspiration between the two leaders might exist too.

When the USSR and the United Arab Republic are your models, how wrong can you be? Diplomacy is very surprising sometimes. Here is a public information video concerning the same.

UPDATE: Melanie Phillips, in her inimitable way, and Michael Ledeen at Pajamas media have both noted that the Chavez administration is developing real, clear, and complex ties with a great many countries around the world. The main features binding this increasingly open alliance seem to be those which are financial, military, and based around energy. It should be obvious that there is also a common and deep anti-American nexus too. Something, as they say, is definitely up....


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