We were looking to do something else, when we saw life is not the way we expected it to be"

The title of this post is a quote from Larry Lyons at UCLA, when commenting on his and Heejong Kim's stunning research. They have discovered an interaction of the solar wind and the earth's magnetosphere which suggests a new, and unexpected form of energy transfer is going on in the wider solar system.

Their work complements, and builds upon, other research into just how magnetism in the solar system works. In 1859, the air was so charged during a solar storm that earth telegraphs could run without batteries. We should have known then what the sun and the winds between the worlds could do; but of course, hindsight is a wonderful thing.

It is very early, and an unscientific point, but their work has uses. It adds to the tidal wave of circumstantial evidence that carbon-based global warming is nonsense. More importantly, because the global warming debate is effectively irrelevant given the way people are now seeing through carbon taxes, any contribution to our limited knowledge of magnetic physics brings nuclear fusion one step closer to reality.

We work out how the magnetosphere and the sun interact; we master the physics of magnetic portals on a large scale, then minimise it; CERN teaches us about magnetic containment and the nuclear chemistry of thorium; we contain a fusion reaction; we go to the moon and mine the regolith and get the helium-3, and, well--hello golden age.

Or we can go into the dark like weasels fighting in a hole.

Imagine what we could have done if, instead of spending the years since the early nineteen eighties as wastefully as we spent our credit, the western world was on a sound fiscal footing.

Imagine if we had the cash on hand to go, with China and Russia and others, to explore the magnetosphere and the wonders of the world with more than small, cheap craft.

Imagine if, this week, two brilliant researchers were living in a world where the things they had discovered were old news, where the scientific establishment wasn't starved of cash and committed to global warming cults to get money, and where we could afford to go back to the moon, or Mars, as once we thought we could--and now can't.

Imagine what that would do for humanity. Instead, we are watching lunatics throw arms and missiles around the world whilst foolish members of the media, political, and financial classes skirt disaster and court the ruin of people they only read about, or employ when they are not looking.

But, isn't the universe surprising? Just when people think the line of their mind is all planned out--life happens. Here's John Lennon's song to his son, which contains much the same advice....


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