What is rocker chick up to?

A few days ago, I put up a video of the lady in this post, whose name I think is Ann Minch. She's clearly had a great deal of trouble in her life, but she seems sincere. She's very upset with her bank for changing the terms on which she pays back her debt, presumably because of a punitive charge. She appears to be trying on her own to face down that change and to restore what she thinks is the debt she accumulated on the terms on which she accumulated it. She is also trying to encourage a 'revolt' against 'Wall Street'. Being as she is an evangelical christian, and a Western lady, I worry who she thinks are 'the globalist masters' of those banks. Not too much though, because she seems a good, solid person.

There is a long American tradition of christian, local citizen's rebellion against big entities, from Sam Adams to Martin King. It makes it hard to pigeonhole American populism as 'left' or 'right', and a bit pointless. This lady's recommendations for 'downsized lives', simpler lifestyles, paid-off American express balances every month, local banks, and small businesses, as well as resistance to price-gouging creditors, are actually quite attractive.

I should also confess to some rather dark pleasure in her defiance, which is irrresponsible of me on several levels. I can't pretend I don't think of Woody Guthrie's injunction to 'blow up the banks of marble' every time I think of what financial and political failure--the latter more than the former--has done to the world these days. It makes you feel like Masaniello or such.

Now, she's threatening to 'do some unbelievable thing' tomorrow, and rather endearingly talking to the 'Huffington Post' which she has heard of but doesn't know anything about. Both worry me a little, for her. Huff-po, in particular, has had a fairly clear agenda about deflation and debt revolt for some months now, and I guess that they think she'll humanise it.

Still, let's see what happens. I hope to goodness it's non-violent. Frankly, though, I wish her well.

By the way, since Exile has chosen to illustrate his points with the Bonnie Blue Flag, I thought that I might just even the balance....


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