With Thanks to 'Shortbus'....

I've been on the shortbus site and found these great headlines from the last depression.

From 1931;

From 1932;

From 1934;

Here's President Obama declaring the depression averted the other day; here is Ben Bernanke declaring the recession over. At least the Chairman recognised the threat.

Of course, we could be in a mirror-world now. On one side, there is a world (around the Atlantic and Pacific rims at least) in which jobs are shedded, bills rise, creditors default, and businesses collapse as people desperately try to withdraw consumption and, when not living from them, build up savings. Look through the looking glass, though, and you will find another world. In it, some vast electronic monetary shell game is going on in which governments chuck money covertly between themselves and no one listens to talk about derivatives.

You cannot mix a high wire act with the indian rope trick, especially not above the fire. This is going to end in tears, and it is not even beginning to be over yet. Remember that when the G-20 circus gets going.

As ever, I hope that I am wrong. How many people do you know of, though, skirting homelessness, functional poverty, unemployment or insolvency?


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