Did Arnold Schwarzenegger Tell The California State Assembly What Everyone Was Thinking--F**k You?

Read the first letters of the lines vertically. Bravo, Gubernator.
Here's the State Treasurer (a Democrat) with much the same message for the legislators of his bankrupt State, whose fine, Pat Brown/Jesse Unruh/Willie Brown methods, alongside the crazy-swiss style progressive era referendum culture they have to bypass those guys, have made California what it is today.

And I like reading about Willie Brown, one of the sorts of 'only in America' character I'm fascinated by.

UPDATE: The chap the Governor sent the note to has taken it in good heart, and expected some sort of payback for calling the governor a liar. The republic endures. Here's Connecticut's (admittedly part-time) legislature hard at work on their State's budget;

And here is how they decide bills in my own beloved's Land of the Morning Calm. Those clever people seem to have worked out that, if you want to get on with civic work, you lock the special class and their wannabes and frenemies in a parliament and head for a nice, organised beach that they can't interfere with.



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