For My Mum, and Aunt

My mum has been on the telephone thing again. She has not made any suggestions about livening this blog up with a dancing dog, further to her last communication. However, I wanted to put a Donegal song up for her, and thought Theresa Rogers singing 'Glenswilly' was just the ticket--her voice and the song match almost perfectly.

However, Youtube doesn't let you 'embed' that version. You can listen to it if you click here. I also found a video of Daniel O'Donnell's sister singing 'Dromore' about County Tyrone, where I spent some holidays as I recall. For some reason it currently enjoys a deranged relationship with the Republic because of history or according to the UN or something. It's full of soldiers from France or one of those places, apparently. What would I know, I live in London.

As an alternative, I have found a Sean Wilson song here that I like, and I recommend its view of Donegal--the last fortress of the Republic, if the euro-referendum results are to be believed--to one and all.


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