Galvanise This

Look, it is very simple. This island is built on coal. Its nuclear scientists are clever. Its oil peaked in 1999, and was wasted on unemployment benefits anyway. Gas is limited and provided by unreliable foreign regimes. Renewable power, in large part, does not work or is expensive or will not meet basic needs.

The world is not warming. It is now becoming a mainstream observation that oil at viable prices is running out, given demand, and even including new discoveries. Carbon Dioxide is not a threat to us, global cooling is. Record snowfalls, antarctic ice, periods of low or no sunspot activity, and ocean cooling are evident.

Yet the political and media class are determined to spin unsubstantiated rubbish, with the aid of grant dependent scientists, that can only worsen the problems. Not all scientists agree, by any means. The Green movement is rich, narcissistic, and, frankly, mad.

We need coal, nuclear power, and a proper energy grid. We are not going to get it. People are going to go cold, or die, or lose children, or be denied operations, or food on the basis of the refusal to provide these things. Soon.

Message ends.


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