Journalists! Knock this copy up.

I know how this all works. you are all under tremendous pressure to write happy stories. Your newspapers, if they employ you at all, either treat you as stringers or require you to bloviate so that yourself and your protective circle keep their jobs, all by 4pm the previous day. If you are an independent, your life is as pressured, probably--though possibly better off, which is saying not a lot--than the Junior Bar.

Pay-walls and free sheets are coming, and bloggers are, for reasons of monomania or obsession or time or just maverick ability, much better than you at everything except writing. Sometimes, the hangover and prejudices clear, just a little, and you get to see the reality of things and wonder what to do.

So, why not go to this site, and lift these stories, and see if you can get them published to a wider audience? is interesting, funny, and revealing. I only came across it today, but it struck me that it should be labelled ''. Go on. You could make some money from it, and the world would know a little more. or, of course, you could just copy down this site, or take a lesson about properly researched history which aids rather than obstructs journalism from this one.

Go on. You know that it makes sense.


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