Pour Les Enfants....

An interesting contrast presented itself to me today that I thought I would share.

Ed Balls, a putative education secretary and general buffoon, wishing to brainwash and enslave children at younger ages so as to add to productive efficiency in European Concession Zone Five;

Schoolkids are to get careers advice from the age of seven.

They will be encouraged to develop "early aspirations" under a scheme unveiled by Schools Secretary Ed Balls.

Youngsters aged seven to 11 will be offered career-related learning, chances to experience university life and the world of work - plus personal mentoring.

Launching the initiative alongside Man United boss Sir Alex Ferguson, Mr Balls said: "It is often too late for children to start thinking about this at 14."

Janek Kurski, a Polish MP, on the protection of children from recidivist sex offenders;
"Seventy per cent of people were convinced that they would cut off the balls of these deviants....Yet months have passed, and what do they have to show for it? Show me even one castrated paedophile!"

One of these countries is a much more robust democracy with more attractive slogans. Can you guess which one?


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