A Sudeten Crisis in the Autumn? Never.

The Czech republic is being greatly pressured by the European Union tonight, to the great detriment of both. President Vaclav Claus, a thorn in the side of the global elite, has declared that he seeks an 'opt out' from the Treaty of Lisbon. He says that he does so because, otherwise, ethnic Germans driven out of the Czech lands in the nineteen forties may well claim their land back, or compensation, as European citizens.

There is a certain quality to his argument, and a certain, presumably intentional, synchronicity to his demands. Europe's final descent into war, and away from the idealistic Locarno idealism of which the European movement is the great modern representative, began in the cold autumn at Munich. The issue, students of history will recall, was the supposed special status of the Sudeten Germans.

If Mr Klaus can hold out till a British general election, his delay will then force any Conservative or conservative-dominated government to hold a British referendum, which will result in the end of the Lisbon Constitution.

I don't think that he will be able to. At the moment, he can stall till the twenty-seventh of October, since that is when the Supreme Court in the Czech Republic will issue a ruling on the constitutionality of the Treaty similar to that of the German courts, which will then put the bill on his desk. Even Mr Klaus realises that he will then have to get 'on the train' as it were.

The only thing which could now stop the treaty, therefore is either a British government collapse and general election--which is not going to happen--or a complete turn of mind into independent, critical, and pro-British policy on the part of the Conservative party. That isn't going to happen because they are a bunch of neoliberal bourgeois signed up to global warming and the grinding of workers by international monopsonies. Those things are both indicators that they will follow, not lead. They have precious few cojones between them to boot, which is a shame, because a country like England needs that sort of thing at the top otherwise the vast bulk of people in it get kicked around by their awful elites.

I've met them. I know. Petals on the wind, all of them, even when flecked and weighed down with bullsh*t.

So, don't hold out hope.

UPDATE: I uploaded this post after writing it. I therefore left out this link to the Straits Times, which more or less says what I said about Vaclav Klaus's inevitable and honourable cave-in in a fortnight's time.


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