The UFO Hacker and Polanski

This man lived through the knowledge that a group of demented hippies had butchered his pregnant wife. His response, in part, was to drug, rape and sodomise a thirteen year old girl. He pled guilty. He escaped justice. He is supported by several holywood stars, these directors, and these political figures.

This man supports Polanski and is Culture Minister in France. By his own admission, he at least fantasised, whilst touring Thailand for sex and buying young men, about having sex with boys, and feels that he has to rehabilitate rapists with kindness. It's OK though; Francis Bacon did the same sort of thing, apparently.

This man has asperger's syndrome and an interest in unidentified flying objects. He embarassed the United States military by hacking into their comically insecure systems, which have been wide open to the much cleverer men and women of East Asia for some time; in fact, he kept bumping into foreign nationals whilst wandering around the US system. They're even in the Electricity grid.

That same US, incidentally, is widely rumoured to undertake continual monitoring of every European mobile telephone call, and was, during the last Democratic administration, credibly accused of sharing that information with American companies against European ones. I have been unable to find references to any subsequent activities.

Which one of the three men I've mentioned is without support in officialdom, and is about to be persecuted and subjected to a long prison sentence, without an official protest, do you think? I excuse, of course, Andrew Mackinlay MP.

It's a funny old world....


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