The Waziristan War and the Battle of Pakistan

For a better-informed and somewhat less historically psychedelic impression of the current Pakistani offensive in Waziristan, you could do a lot worse than this superb piece on Defence of the Realm....

UPDATE: The Pakistani onslaught against Pashtun, rather than Baluchi groups is dependent on a quick 'eight week victory' before the snows set in. Of course, all over the world, given global cooling, snows are settling in early and deep. This is beginning to look, well, problematic. Potentially.

UPDATE TWO: Some of the Iranians are accusing the west of funding some of the Balochi insurgent groups on their side of the line, possibly as a way of drawing them into attacks on the taleban, or weakening their hand in negotiations.

The suicide bombing also removed a head of Iranian ground forces yesterday, and has been associated with the Jundallah group. Of course, it would take a high degree of cynicism to suggest western money in any way was doing to the Iranians what they do to the west and Israel and Lebanon all the time, attacking the craziest part of the regime, and building up mujahedin only to abandon them later--or that Pakistan would ever fund terrorists without regard for anyone else as a routine matter of state policy.

Perish the thought. Fie on it, I say.


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