One more time....

Here is the order of battle in the current depression. Please refer back to every other post here since 2007

1) Derivative markets will fall, which will panic governments
2) Money will move into stocks and shares after banks are 'stabilised'
3) Stocks and shares will slide as global imbalances and bank weakness are revealed
4) Treasury bonds and government securities will rise irrationally
5) Defaults by governments will panic remaining investors into gold and commodities
6) Analysts and politicians will use transport costs, energy costs, or perceived exchange imbalances--or 'climate change'- and the threat of social breakdown to tout protectionism
7) I wish you all Good-Bye and head for Donegal with a bag of platinum and a year's supply of meat.

Peak oil, peak globalisation, and food problems will complicate matters and make them more volatile, as will the exact length of time it takes for lagged unemployment to hit, and for monetary base inflation to wreak its damage. These waves are coming.

We seemed to slip into stage four today. The flexible retreat is quickening, but of course it is controlled and will merely be the precursor to the use of a wunderwaffe against Stalingrad....


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