A Nice, Romantic New York Story; Kim Perez gets married

Frankly, viewers, I'm a bit of a rat, and not just in the Chinese sense. I like clever and somewhat aggressive banter, funny, violent and commitment phobic femmes fatale, and I could charm monkeys off a banana wreath if I needed the flowers. I also have a general policy of staying near both a drink, a dispensary, and the door in dealing with most people, though a smile often helps. I am also far too clever for my own good whilst being simultaneously far less clever than I think. But I know it, see, which is half the battle. It's rather like the old Russian Imperial army, which contained a lot of slightly second rate stupid officers, but some of whom prospered because they knew they were.

All of that aside, it is nice to see a genuine, Romantic New York kind of a story between two decent and somewhat inarticulate people manipulated by a weather channel that contains their friends now giving regular Daily Mail in-patients an hilarious labyrinth of poses to go through before they find something cynical to say.

There aren't that many. It's just a nice story, though I note that the man is miked and earphoned up when delivering his proposal. Is this normal practice? Is he secret service, or advised by lawyers? He is a policeman, and outside of the county mounties they are often very brave people in the States, but it isn't as though an engagement is akin to a crime bust, outside of my immediate circle. I would advise any woman I was involved with to get things on tape, though.

In any event, the whole thing lights my moral soup and reminds me of the ethical bits in the broth, as it were. In addition, Kim reminds me of someone who probably took out one of the many contracts that exist on my life, with a great deal of justice I might add. I hope that she met her suitor, in the end.

Here it is, enjoy;


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