Subliminable Belor

I find this photograph really quite funny. It's attached to a Daily Telegraph Article. Sarah Barracuda's political instincts are, really, second-to-none, regardless of all the other stuff. She's sensed that most people 'get' the ridiculousness of the global warming lobby, and their isolation. She's tied it to the frequent flying president and first lady, and set the scene for an attack on their Kennedy-style-but-not-quite-as-elite parties at the White House and whatever rubbish emerges out of the Copenhagen conference, which is talking about global warming whilst she is standing outside, in the snow.

She also claims not to be running for anything.

Which is why she is wearing a military-style cap, cross (not crucifix, watch the Protestants) earrings, and a necklace on a bare chest to appeal to the older Irish and orthodox crowd in places like Maryland and Michigan, and the veterans and older republican males. And she's done that instinctively.

That white stuff you see on the photograph is the ash of liberal heads exploding. Or possibly the nuclear winter that a few of the neocons would have welcomed when they were young as a way of speeding up the end of communism, and may again. It'd definitively stop global warming, anyway.

Those eyes look like they could gut a docker. What next, a Reagan mask?

Here's a 2012 political broadcast, involving Mrs Palin, the late Adlai Stevenson, and some gentlemen from the Waziristan area, near Purley...


Martin.....she is being promoted by the MSM (who hate her and what she represents) as the easier candidate for Obama to defeat in 2012. This was the scenario in 2008 with McCain and it appears to be the playbook this election cycle. This would allow the election to be run on personality rather than the Obama's record and lack of accomplishments. With Palin as the GOP candidate his Left flank will be secure and the Independent middle will be bombarded with a scare campaign ala 1964 and Barry Goldwater. It has become obvious that Obama is the establishment/plutocracy's man pushing globalism and escalating military campaigns. Palin is the prefect foil.
Martin Meenagh said…
Hi Patrick, always a pleasure to hear from you. I'm coming to think that the mainstream media may be making a very serious mistake with her. She's following a sort of Nixon playbook at the minute, of which the HK speech and the appearance on Conan last night were just a part. You're dead right about Obama, I think--I kept thinking of Christopher Lasch and Jurgen Habermas and all their warnings about someone like Obama this weekend.

Whilst I'm sure that Palin is political antimatter to him, I wonder if such a narcissist isn't part of the problem too?

Things are much worse than most people are allowing themselves to think, here and there. The level of accumulated debt, the way people are starting to hoard money but expect a credit collapse, and the tsunami of unemployment headed our
way in the new year--probably accompanied by a bond crisis--ought to be very worrying. Yet not a peep from the MSM, bar the 'depression averted, populists mad, buy into the carbon derivative scam' propaganda. What gives? Reckonings are queuing up at the junkyard for weapons, as far as I can tell, and then they are all heading our way....

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