Another Nixon Video

The illustration depicts Sean Connery, Leader of the Shcottisch Pee-pol, in a scene from an earlier film he did to shake off the Bond image (well done on that) and, presumably, for the money. Apparently, everyone was wearing that in 1974, and the outfit is now official Labour Party policy.

That's how my girlfriend sees me, you know.

You know, readers, I can't blame Big Tam. I've done lectures that are little better. Occasionally.

Go to youtube to see the whole musical performance. I do like this one; it mixes the energy and self pity in a way Gordon Brown never manages, but keeps a little of the edge of both Nixon and Brown's intelligence, and Scots-Irish gloom, and justified paranoia....


berenike said…
One or two bizarre scenes from some film I saw years ago come back to me every now and then, but I've never worked out what it was. Until now! :)
Martin Meenagh said…
I feel that my day has been worthwhile

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