A chill from the past

According to The Donegal Democrat, the remaining Irish potato crop has been wiped out by the recent cold, and even potatoes in storage have been damaged. Parts of the United States are colder than the poles. Korea and China are experiencing exceptionally severe winters.

Global warmists cannot tell us what the temperature of the world should be; their models are based on past figures that only stretch back a few decades and that have been manipulated; they cannot tell us with certainty if there has been any increase in temperature; they will not listen to people who note the correlation of solar magnetism, cosmic rays, cloud formation and ocean temperatures to the planet's warmth. Their spokesmen are academic hustlers, railway engineers, failed presidential candidates and disappointed communists of a middle-class persuasion.

Those who support renewable energy won't tell us where wind power comes from when the wind dies down in the cold, or what happens to turbine blades when covered with ice, or which old person or hospital or young family specifically is going to have to cut back on consumption--and don't ask how many windmills it would take to remove energy from winds and divert the planetary weather system.

Free market ideologues won't say why carbon trading is such a menace, why banks can't be trusted, why privatised gas and oil companies are lying about costs, and why we are all about to be crippled by utility bills; and the picture of the old buying second hand, though probably rubbish books to burn in parts of this country to keep warm is merely a 'human interest story', rather than an outrage. Oh, and the first rule of journalism--no one, anywhere, should mention peak oil.

Governments that won't govern and that are in hock to bankers won't serve their people and put their economies and budgets in a position to cope with the shift of the global economy to the Indian Ocean. Instead they surveil, they panic, they wage endless wars against madmen and fascists who thrive on fighting and confrontation--with inadequate equipment--and they lie and lie and lie. Here, what appears to be a concerted government attempt to send an innocent man to gaol isn't even headline news in the newspaper that paid for his story.

Still, at least the cold has probably killed off the swine flu. Onward and upward.


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