Free Palestrina!

I met Evan Harris several times when hanging around the Oxford Union Library. He barely came up to my chest, and mentioned nothing of his many and varied ideas for murdering patients on grounds of euthanasia.

Anyway, he has now launched himself on a battle--unasked, incidentally, since he appears to hate the religious as much as some others of his ilk--to remove the bar on Roman Catholics going anywhere near the throne of England.

He hasn't included in his crusade aims the bar on Catholics being Prime Minister, which is somewhat more important than securing me the chance to be Queen, should someone hit either of their Royal Highnesses on the head, but there you go, that's the quality of modern politicians for you.

The Liberal Democrats regularly manipulate expenses rules creatively and waste space expertly in the House of Commons. I do like the ones at the bar and in the Lords though; in fact, I like the Lords in general and would happily be run by almost any of them in combination. I used to think that about Etonians and then I met a few more of them....

British politics. A double-dip depression, a country run either by some European OberKommando or as a franchise for a banking cartel, and all we get is pint-sized vessels for egotistical campaigns wandering around and abroad in the land, should they be bothered, doing the Devil's work.

Here's some Palestrina to take your mind off things.

Hat tip; Devils Kitchen (a very sweary blogger, just to warn you if you are offended by that sort of thing).


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