The Global Warming Scam Unravels

Two years ago, I and many others started exploring the world of global warming and, on my part, I very quickly decided that it was nonsense. Scientists dependent on grants who could not say how warm the earth was, had been, should be, or will be, or what drove its climate, were being pushed by corporate interests who wanted a new derivatives market to deny and distort an obvious turn into sun-and-solar-system related global cooling.

Better bloggers than I have documented the process, including Dr Richard North and Christopher Booker, whose latest work has been ripped off by the Daily Telegraph for some low financial reason. The lamestream media seem incapable of doing anything right....

Outside of the US, the blogosphere is not as strong as it will be. But if you really want to open your eyes after what has gone on, and what climategate showed going on, in the world of manipulated statistics and fearmongering, have a look at the investigation of the railway engineer, businessman, and 'climate scientist' Pachauri, on this post and work backwards.

The truth will out, eventually.


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