Gouverneur Morris

I've added my favourite founding father to the pictures on the right. Most of them were hams, of course--hams, I might point out, who have eternal reason to be thankful to the judicious nodding of James Madison's pen. At least Morris, who drafted the Constitution, was cheery and savvy, which I like. He was also the only delegate at Philadelphia, I think that I am correct in writing, to speak openly against slavery.

Anyone who can chase that many women whilst suffering with a wooden leg couldn't have been that bad. When I wrote about New York in the mid-nineteenth century all those years ago, I was entranced, but imagine it back then--Morris, Hamilton, King and Clinton wandering around inter alia. I would like the big hadron collider to send me back there when it gets going, thank you very much....minus the diseases and poverty, of course.

Ah well. God rest 'em.

UPDATE: I found this libertarian lawyer and college professor's blog whilst snarfling around during this posting. It is very interesting, if you are looking for time to kill and like to explore the connections between American intellectual and political history and religion as much as I do. I wish I had time to write that book....


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