The London Times? Peddling Inaccurate Rubbish Proudly? No....

From yesterday's 'Register'--link below;

An advertising campaign touting the depth and quality of the Times newspaper's environment coverage has been slapped by an industry watchdog for inaccuracy. The paper has agreed to modify the advertisements, which are based on a false climate change claim.

The Times ads claimed that global warming had caused the North East shipping passage, the icy Arctic route which in summer links Russia's European ports to the Bering Strait, to be opened for the first time. In fact, the North East Passage opened in 1934, and was opened to overseas traffic after the fall of the Soviet Union. Modern technology, specifically radar, has permitted a safer passage in recent years.

News International has agreed to amend the ad

In Other news; as pointed out multiple times on this blog, there are up to 23 Iranian nuclear facilities, many deep underground or in central valleys, which only fleets of aircraft armed with very heavy laser-guided bombs and nuclear scale ordnance could even hope to hit; no American or Israeli simulation of any confrontation or strike outside the fevered minds of neoconservatives has ever ended in anything other than western defeat. The Israelis are maybe brave and daring enough to try; but they do not have the aircraft to fly over Syria (carrying one heavy bomb each), and Turkey, and Iraq, and Jordan, refuelling in the air, and defend Israel too. Anyway, the children of Eretz Yisrael have never particularly been characterised by stupidity. Nor is Obama going to help, even if he could afford to.

How many times does it have to be repeated? The surest way to unite the Iranians is to present the peoples of that republic with an outside threat.

Yet The Times is still hankering after its Persian War, with the dollar teetering, the eurozone--as any fule could have predicted--in deep trouble, and global cooling setting in after the dearth of sunspots in 2009.

These news items have yet to reach the Times. They may as well appoint Thomas Traherne editor, as reality is news that unto that forein countrie rarely comes....

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DBC Reed said…
The Gods of the Copybook Headings on the link-up and Robert Service: its recitation time!
( I had to teach Kipling about ten years ago and went out and bought a copy-book to explain this poem.It contained well-known phrases and sayings such as "If you don't work ,you die" .I found it very depressing.)
There seems to be a whole lot missing from the global warming debate: the absence of smoke (London was called The Smoke); any reference to the jetstream which has obviously moved of late.And sunspots.
Professor Jevons was laughed at for saying the trade cycle followed the sun spot cycle but economies were more tuned to agriculture in those days which would have been affected by rain seeded by solar flare debris.
Martin Meenagh said…
What next for the anti-science brigade to blame given how people are starting to connect de vries cycles and the sun's magnetic activity with earth's temperature minima over the centuries?

Catastrophism is about hubris and narcissism as much as anything else, I think. It turns everyone into a prophet or a rescuer or a soldier at the coming armageddon in their own head. I wonder if it exists in cultures with a cyclical sense of history, or ones that have already experienced real cataclysm.

My own favourite mad suggestion de jour is a mad one jokily posted on wattsupwiththat--that the voyager probe has punctured the heliosphere, allowing magnetic pressure to decline and earth to be subject to cloud-seeding cosmic winds. It is at least much more rational than the theories associated with carbon- and anthropogenic-global warming, or nonsense like wind power as a substantial energy-generation system for an advanced society.

What if the tribes are being wiped off ice fields? I mean, the predictive value of the cyclical and sun-related temperature theories seems great. What if the next few winters are even colder and the harvests worse? Do we go back to community or do food stocks and bubble economies contract into serious trouble for our hollowed-out economy?

I'd prefer to be an optimist and to think that we may be brought together again by the end of cheap oil and a new little ice age. Hope that we don't find out though.

Cold is much much worse than warming.
Martin Meenagh said…
voyager has a disc with greetings from Jimmy Carter, Kurt Waldheim and Giscard D'Estaing on it, I think--so enough for everyone to blame!
David Lindsay said…
By no means only on this issue -
DBC Reed said…
Oh and I'd forgotten volcanoes.The bad weather that Byron went on about is even accepted by "scientists" as being down to volcanic activity.At the time of the Mt St Helens explosion I rashly predicted to blokes in the pub that the Thames would freeze over.OK I got that wrong but there was a really cold winter in 1981. I cannot understand why scientists ca n't accept that are numerous influences on the climate,with certain types of man-made pollution amongst them ,even primus inter pares.(But the Chinese burning coal should lower
Martin Meenagh said…
One of the great things about science is that it is self-righting. So establishments can believe in silly ideas like the ether or race or whatever and uphold them as principles, and the -want-to-pretend-to-knowledge people will follow; but eventually, real science will overturn or clarify and move people nearer to provable understanding. I think that will happen--is happening--with all the climate nonsense. Quite apart from anything else, there is a fascinating mysteryas to what happened with temperatures in the 90s, across the solar system, how earth mediated and reflected it, and what is happening now. It's of interest to any historian worth their money as well, since similar heating and cooling seems, as you point out, to have happened before. I'm enjoying the sociological show of all these demented marxoids and people desperate for some morally superior intellectual scaffolding grounded in non-religious certainty being shown up.

As Tennyson would have said--raving politics, never at rest, as this earth's poorhistory runs/what is it all but the trouble of ants/in the gleam of a million, million of suns.

See--half remembered middlebrow doggerel has some uses!

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