Often, in my head....

I say a rosary, a Hail Holy Queen, or a quartet of the 'Hail Mary', Paternoster, Eternal Rest and the short doxology. I certainly can never sleep without saying them silently, and today, when in a quiet hall--as sometimes in the steam room of my health club where I go when my skin or my knee is playing up in the cold--I run my bad Latin through the nicene creed and a few decades of Savonarola and Canisius' prayer.

So, anyway, to continue the Palestrina theme, and because this is shorter than the Bach mass in B which I love very much, here is the credo from his Missa Brevis; enjoy.

The picture is of Our Lady of Peking, and can be found, with a selection of Asian mariolatry, on The Political Houswyf.


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