The Republic Stirs : Day Two

The picture is Van Gogh's Raising of Lazarus, which I found on the intriguing Per Crucem Ad Lucem.

I hope that he means this, and that he understands what it is that the United States is now taking on if he does mean it. I have to say that the words 'Chairman Barney Frank' and 'Chairman Chris Dodd' do not send thrills down my leg, and nor does the assertion that the central principle of banking is the service of customers. Still, at least this is out in the open now.

Wall Street is free of restrictions on campaign finance, thanks to the ever-helpful Supreme Court today.

It's not hard to see what they are going to do. They're going to try and eat him.

And here is what is going on in the heads of the Vice-President, and the Secretary of State, (for darker reasons). Both draw sympathy in working class constituencies. The experience is probably replicated behind the eyes of a load of angry white people who hate and fear the banks much more than Obama but who are fearful of what is going to happen. It's always dangerous to take on the moneylenders in alliance with the tax collectors, as the good Lord himself found out in his sojourn incarnated.


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