Britain's Choice

I know that I have some foreign readers, so let me detail what Britain's political parties are like at the start of election season.

The Labour Government has given itself the power to fine you for over-filling your bin, having children who drop bananas, park or drive just about anywhere, or having a dormant bank account. They now plan to take thousands from your estate to pay for care that they have farmed off to private businesses when you are old, after you are dead. They can already take your home. Labour got the votes of 22% of the electors at the last election.

The Liberal Democrats want to give doctors the power to kill you, and lots of foreigners your taxes.

The Conservatives want to give the Taxman the power to reach into your bank account and to take tax off of income at source as a way of pretending that small businesses are having their burdens eased. They also want to raise VAT to 20%. They are led by a man who used to take a good many illegal drugs, and by a cabinet of millionaires many of whom have never done a day's work. They lied about the Lisbon Treaty and their leadership hates their own members.

The BNP are a group of lower middle class people pretending to represent white working class people against brown and black people, 'liberals', 'elites' and foreigners. They are national socialists.

The Left in this country hate their own, themselves, Americans, Catholics and Jews, mostly. Like the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, and like Labour, they will never, ever, allow an honest debate on the environment, immigration, Europe, taxes, or the size of the state.

The United Kingdom Independence Party are amateur jokes.

Greens, liberals, and human rights lawyers are various unsavoury combinations of the above, and will protect themselves, their prejudices, and menaces to society before they will protect you.

All of these people are essentially floating on top of a vast ocean of state control, public sector bureaucracy, and collectivised inertia. Many in that ocean do a good job; many hate their own people, when they aren't angry with their world and their colleagues and their supervisors and themselves. Most of the state is run ultimately for the collectivisation of debt and the privatisation of tax monies through nominally more efficient outsourcing.

This is now a disenfranchised, parasitised, over-policed and almost terminally hopeless state. It is enmeshed in probably unwinnable wars and its authorities, in practically every institutional form, are at the point where institutional moral corruption is the norm. It has been this bad before, several hundred years ago, but not since the development of the technology and ideologies of control that characterise the modern state. It isn't that this must collapse; the worst thing is that it might not. This one could run and run.

Most people in this country could do better. But most know what Marco Rubio said yesterday; that there are some countries in the world where people will never, ever be allowed to achieve and where the public will never be listened to, unless they were born in the right place to the right people and tell the right lies to themselves and others.

This is one of them. I am not voting next time. As long as these people have the power to tax me, I have a right to criticise them, so you can put away that 'no vote no voice' nonsense. God help us.



The great fraud perpetuated upon the American people since the 19th century is the two party system – Donkeys and Elephants (how apropos)controlled by the plutocracy and likewise the Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats in the UK. Minimizing choices while controlling the financing serves the interests of the rich. Hence, nothing ever really changes while the rich get richer and the poor, poorer......oh, and the political class who does the dirty work get richer too (witness the hundreds of millions in wealth generated by Clinton and Gore in the past decade).
I can see your point about not voting and it is a sad commentary of the state of democracy on both sides of the Atlantic that intelligent people like yourself are forced to disenfranchise themselves due to a voting scheme that offers false choices.

Martin Meenagh said…
I know, Patrick, and I don't like saying it--but this is not really a democracy and has very rarely been in its history, if at all. There have been moments when, relative to other states, this one has been a bit of a disguised republic, but only with the aid of massive welfare spending and grammar schools, and that only really lasted a short time.

To despair is a sin, it really is. Which is why I won't, but there are times when I wonder what really the future holds for societies as debased and hollowed out as this one. Then I think about the great mass of people just getting on with things and think about how, often, schemes to 'do things' are as bad as just doing nothing and getting on with life. Is that the getting of wisdom?

Thank you for your comment.
berenike said…
Nnono, go vote and spoil your paper.

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