Commander of the Faith

Monday: Liberal maniacs and journalists create a storm when they notice that the pope is not a secular liberal.

Tuesday: A hissy-fit petition accompanied by a sea of ignorant antipapist comments promises a new D-Day should the former Josef Ratzinger bring his brilliant mind and office to these shores, and seeks to defend an almost totalitarian 'equality bill'.

Wednesday. The Government backs down, the English Bishops are on notice to activate their backbones, and the Pope is revealed to have been speaking mostly to, well, Catholics. The new D-Day looks increasingly like T-Tag.

Next: The Magister Ludi sacks almost every Irish Bishop. Go on, your holiness, Go on....

UPDATE: I am under no illusions that this is a pre-election climb down, and that these people still nurse hatred in the embers of what they term 'humanism' without understanding what civic humanism was, more than just enough to wreck it. But part of being a commander of the faith, which is what Benedict is, is surely knowing when to pick your battles. They'll have trouble reviving this one.


David Lindsay said…
When Cort├ęs cast down the blood-drenched Aztec idol and replaced it with a tiny statue of Our Lady, the ground shook with the anguished roar of the demons thus exorcised. Much the same has happened in Britain today, including on my blog, although I have not let them up. What very, very, very sore losers they are.

Well, they have seen nothing yet. We are on a roll. All three parties come out of this whole business extremely badly. So let’s get rid of all of them. Bring on the Election. If we can achieve this, then why not that? Why not, at least, 10 MPs in the coming hung Parliament? Or 20? Or 50? Or 100? Of course, to have MPs, we first need candidates.

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