Fiend Without A Face Trailer

I love really bad, but internally coherent, B-movies. That might explain my fascination with global warming nonsense. Anyway, I'd like for no good reason other than timewasting to bring 'Fiend Without A Face' to your attention. Perhaps it may raise a chuckle. Picture the scene; in the early, demented years of the Cold War, Canadia and 'merka have come together. Those whacky scientists with the gorgeous daughters have invented a machine that animates brains--yes, brains--that escape their natural bodies and go on the rampage, killing decent folk until a final shoot-out, when they wrap themselves around the more huggable trees and menace the whole human race. They also have it in for farmers, and probably Baptists and Pentacostalists too.

Submissions on the connection in orthodox cultures between inter-species transformation and the idea of the soul, mentioning, say, Bulgakov (dogs, not cats) or Metempsychosis will be accepted. Those on the inevitable victory of climate 'deniers' will not. If you ae going to mention La Palin-Poujade and the Tea Party folks, make it good....


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