Messianic Leader and Reincarnation of Past Spirits of Hope and Change Meets with Leader of Troubled State Owned by China

Go on, say who is who.

I am sure that his Holiness was very impressed and came away with many ideas for the good administration of his life.

By the way--on that curious Hotel death thing--I'm coming across more and more eyebrows raised like mine, and a good few people touting all sorts of cod-insider knowledge about whether Hamas, Egypt, Fateh, a Mossad Kidron squad, Aman or sundry Sayanim did the job. I'm beginning to wonder if we are seeing something parallel, prophylactic, or prepatory to an Iran attack in the works. Which, though?

I also notice that production of the massive ordnance penetrator has been stepped up, but that America still does not have the capacity to strike Iranian nuclear facilities with any degree of reassurance, and nor would it win a confrontation in the Straits of Hormuz. Such is its economic position that any precipitate action now would almost certainly also collapse what is being touted as a recovery, and reveal the very real near-depression and bankruptcy underneath. Do not launch a Persian War.

There are times when all one has left is hope. I assume that was communicated to the Dalai Lama too....

UPDATE: You can't make real life up anymore. Mahmoud Ahmedinajad is a founder member of the Iranian Tunnelling Association. Go, as they say, figure.


Mary said…
Martin, you are the ultimate conspiracy therorist. Ever. I'm not saying you're wrong...but I'll sleep better at night knowing that you're a little but crazy.
Martin Meenagh said…
haha. You should meet the women with whom I have been involved, and not of course my present own dear hunter-killer.

From now on, I would like to be addressed as Napoleon.

I'm a bit lighthearted today, in a whistling-in-the-graveyard sort of a way. The world's mad, isn't it? I mean, tunnelling Persian Messianists with a plutonium fixation?

Where do you even begin with that one?

Sometimes I think that the beef really did make the west mental in the eighties, in a slow-burning, mad cow sort of a way, and it's just that nobody has noticed except the vegetarians and no one listens to them. Rightly.

Anyway, sleep well. I like the unintended poetry of 'a little but crazy', parapraxis being interesting an all that....
Martin Meenagh said…
By the way, I look sane next to some of the company I keep. If it's real, spanner biting madness that leaves you quiet of a night, go to They are currently running pieces on iron domes in siberia with carnivorous trees in them.

And mad as that is, its not as mad as a Persian war; or any war for that matter.
Mary said…
Napoleon, I had just arrived home after a Friday night curry. Are we trying too hard to recreate English life?

There is nothing more humbling than observing my own cringeworthy mistakes, preserved for posterity in the blog world.I cannot understand why I don't see this stuff before I press send.

I don't think I ate a lot of beef, but I'm sure you had loads. I did consume a very large steak though, on that occasion where I sent you an incomprehensible message. That still worries me.

If you ever feel a bit of boring, mainstream thought enter your haed you should dash to Mcdonald's and stuff a bigmac down your neck. We can't have you being normal..the world would be so much drearier...without your insight.
Martin Meenagh said…
I may at some point go all mainstream. But, well, not tonight, Josephine.
In conspiracy theorist circles, the biggest conspiracy is the denial of any conspiracies at higher levels of government. You** just happens randomly!

But it isn't the following an amazing and random coincidence...........Just one small example from late 2008... Paulson (from Wall Street) rescues AIG from impending bankruptcy in an emergency bailout that only he can decide what to do; AIG in turn gives the government money to the big banks (Wall Street) for their risky underwritten derivatives while the banks are also receiving more bailout money because they are too big to fail. And........6 months later the banks announce the biggest bonuses in history and record profits.

No we are just nuts who dream up conspiracies......

Martin Meenagh said…
Exactly. The idea that some sort of coup happened when bankers came into the open and we could see who has been running governments and bond markets since the late nineteen nineties is crazy, I tell you, crazy. As is the way their wars of liberation keep happening around trade routes and energy pipelines.

Read this article by Matt lays out the whole rotten scheme.....absolute corruption and chutspah of the highest order....

Maybe conspiracy theory is just another name for organized crime and just imagine they throw the keys away on young black men for selling a few grams on the street corner...while these cretins are called "Masters of the Universe.'


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