Remember that Stern Warning from the poor, strange idiot Boy, Milliband?

A few days ago, Her Britannic Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, late of this blog, had the Israeli Ambassador over for a very firm talking to. Oh yes, those Israelis were definitely told off about thepossiblebutnotlegallyprovenhearsaythatconstituteseevidence their involvement in the Dubai killing of aninternationallyhatedarmsdealingmurdererandfanatic an arab gentleman in his bed.

Quite rightly too, if they were guilty. Killing begets killing and even if they did stun him electrically being smothered whilst having a chemically induced heart attack is a nasty way to despatch someone. Even Eichmann got a trial--what happened to the rule of law?

Still, I'm sure that Mr Milliband apprised himself of evidence first. Like, for instance, asking the Dubai authorities who obviously have such good cctv facilities who Mabhouh met on his trip to Dubai, and checking with the Chinese and Iranian embassies with which he was so closely associated. He would have done that, surely. In fact, I'm sure that the authorities in that state are on top of the allegations and weren't just firing in Tel Aviv's direction, as it were.

One suspects, however, that La Milliband's gravitas didn't quite do the trick. So chastened were the Israelis they went and started putting up jokey tweets on twitter. I wonder if they did so through the meeting? I mean, boys, show some respect.


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