Science Corner

We know very little, but what things we can suspect! There are gamma ray bursts in Earth's upper atmosphere, of the sort normally found in deep space. They may be intimately connected to lightning. They may be created by earth's atmosphere moving like a giant particle accelerator, bigger than that beautiful steampunk thing at CERN and smaller than the Ophiuchus Cluster.

The bursts and what they tell us may relate to theories of cosmic ray and particle interaction giving rise to clouds, and therefore to theories of one of Earth's many probable mechanisms for heating and cooling of which those propounding the C02 nonsense are ignorant.

And the particles from them, because nothing can move faster than light in a vacuum except things that aren't in one, might be moving faster than light. Well, faster than the speed of light in the atmosphere, anyway.

O Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder, consider all the worlds thy hand has made....


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