Singing an Old Song...

This time, amended from way back in 2007 when I first suggested that we would have to do these things;

1. Abolish any 'business' department bar the Board of Trade, and any subsidy or tax break, and replace it with a flat business rate. Any future state aid to a private company should be paid back in shares.
2. Give the Universities an endowment and float them away. Make football companies elect a third of supporter-Directors, and do the same with other sports and media groups. Elect National Sports Commissioners, and the BBC Board.
3. Give everyone a flat rate of tax and a £10000 a year tax-free allowance before it kicks in.
4. Abolish one third of Members of Parliament and half of all councillors. Protect the freedom of expression, religious pluralism, and privately provided education by law. Introduce vouchers for post 16 education.
5. Put the Railways under Network Rail and allow passengers to elect Directors. Properly audit all PFI schemes.
6. Let BAe go bust and reconstitute it as an exclusive supplier for the UK
7. Consider creating a Defence Force.
8. Allow supermarket law, and a merged legal profession to emerge with controlled fees. Build more prisons, and abolish the Crown Prosecution Service. Consider a year without statutes whilst a commission decides which ones to abolish.
9. Reopen the mines and put money into nuclear research. Abandon Climate Change legislation. Consider individual pension and health accounts managed by the State and ring-fenced from other spending.
10. Make London a city state, federalise the UK, and assert the Supremacy of the Federal Parliament or Constitution over the EU. Elect local Police Commissioners and Mayors. Institute a Referendum on EU membership, and introduce the Alternative Vote.

Above all--pay down that debt.


I was wrong here. I think that the CPS should go, but I'm not convinced that the modern police isn't institutionally corrupt. How about elected DAs?


berenike said…
Why would you abolish the CPS? [curious, as a former future Mrs CPS Barrister]
Martin Meenagh said…
My impression of the CPS is that it is awful. It overloads lawyers, most of whom are unbriefed, charges wrongly (regularly), loses files, gets eaten by solicitor-advocates for bad guys and pursues the weak or hitherto blameless who have fallen into its radar relentlessly. Its decision making seems to be Kafkaesque, it now seems to have adopted some sort of political agenda, and about a third of its barristers can't speak English properly and wouldn't get a job anywhere else. It has also marginalised the police and given them an excuse to be target-seeking and lazy, which they don't really need but which they welcome. It is, in short, rubbish--as usual, a pale imitation of the best bits of American prosecution and a ferocious copy of the worst.

No offence.
Martin Meenagh said…
By the way, the phrase 'I might be near rock bottom but at least I've not in the ****CPS' is fairly common currency at the practising bar, where I still have some friends. Well, unless they read this.

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