Some Fascinating Lectures on Sunspots

The picture is by Scheffer, and depicts Dante and Virgil in the inferno coming across the ghosts of Francesca de Rimini and Paolo Malatesta. They were lovers; she was tricked into marrying his deformed brother thinking he was him to settle a political dispute. When the brother discovered them, after they had fallen in love, he killed them. In Hell, they were forever separated in storms that meant that they could never touch, a point not of course acknowledged in this picture. People, sometimes, will not play along with lies but will in recognising their truth fall into their own clandestine certainties, and they'll sometimes suffer for them. Tchaikovsky wrote an hideous sub-Wagnerian opus 32 on the tale.

Remember--as I and others much more important and informed than I pointed out over the past two years--there seems historically to have been a correlation between solar activity and climate. That was why it was possible to predict that this would be a very cold winter in the northern hemisphere. Via Wattsupwiththat, I have found these excellent lectures on the new models of solar activity from the American Geophysical Union Conference, which I would urge you to have a look at.

Next time you meet a climate change cultist, just ask yourself;

1) what is the point of a globalised average temperature? How does this explain regional temperatures?
2) what temperatures has the earth been? When and for how long?
3) what temperature should it be?
4) How does Earth get warm or cold? What role do clouds, and oceans, and solar activity play?
5) What natural variation can be expected?
6) What changes can be predicted from evidence? Not statistical forcings, evidence.
7) Who profits from a belief in global warming?

Just ask, and look. Global warming via any man-made mechanism, let alone the nonsense of CO2, will melt away like dry ice. Then ask, 'Do I need tenured or grant-funded scientists to be priests in whom I can place faith, or should I just use my mind and find my priests elsewhere?'

Then see what happens.


DBC Reed said…
Just correlating climate and sun spots is for wimps!Really interesting people correlate sunspots>climate> trade cycles.Herschel the dilettante astronomer who discovered Uranus ,which must have been handy,in between composing dreadful symphonies, correlated sunspots and the price of grain.
Even more odd was the case of Stanley Jevons who invented marginal utility theory and a "logic piano" ,so making himself look very respectacle and mathematical,but then undercut his own reputation with a paper on Copmmercial crises and sunspots.(Though you'd have thought agriculture being so important to the economy ,especially back then,there must have been something to sunspot economics)
Martin Meenagh said…
I recall jevons for three reasons; firstly, his silly obsession with the identity and immutability of categories, and secondly, his utopian ideas about the mathematical maximisation of utility. He also appeared to believe, as far as I can tell, that any workers added productivity unless they were Irish, the steaming bigot.

Still, all good fun. I agree about the trade cycles, btw--its a tad more impressive than the 'I've got rhythm' explantion the stockbrokers like, which goes via the Fiobonacci cover under the name of 'the elliot wave'....

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