Um.... Back Away. Now.

Why are 24 of the worlds top central bankers--Governors, no less-- holding a quiet and unannounced and unscheduled meeting in Australia at a secret location, surrounded by very serious security?

Funnily enough, there is nothing on the website of the Bank for International Settlements

Wassup? Are they going to spring a revision of reserve ratios on the markets or are our masters being asked for clearance for a Eurobond? That is, are the ECB and the Europeans letting speculators bet their shirts on no Greek rescue, before moving to a debt Union under Article 122 of the European Treaty and, well, burning them to ashes?

No, No, Meenagh--that would be absolutely ruthless. And why would that happen in the week when the latest deadline on Iran's nuclear capacity ticked its way to midnight, and attracted all eyes? I mean, the paranoid could think that cover....

Still, what are they up to? Perhaps this is just a routine meeting, nothing to see.

And where was that exit again? Just, you know, to be sure......

UPDATE: Curioser and Curioser...many of their bosses, in the form of Finance Ministers and sundry flunkies, are in Canada, or they were a day ago.

UPDATE 2: The European Central Bank at least has confirmed that the meeting took place, in Sydney, that the President of the European Central Banks was there, and that he had to leave early. The meeting was partly 'to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the Australian Central Bank'. Kind and nostalgic souls, those banksters....


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