And Your Point?....

The picture is by Chris Peters, and is called Leave The Shame Behind. You can read about it here.

Apparently, by teaming up with Augusto Pinochet, Milton Friedman and the Chicago Boys saved Chile. Earthquakes prove the market works, according to the Wall Street Journal, which gave space to this article yesterday.

And no, I wouldn't have voted for Allende, probably. In fact, I may even have understood people stitching up the elections, like the forces of the free world did in Italy in '48. I hope, though, that I would not have had 1200 people 'disappeared', more tortured and locked up in the national football stadium, and, under operations fubelt and condor, a reign of terror instituted.

Still, at least the dead of the storm are useful politically, so that's alright then. Do the souls of the dead of Haiti really cry out for the application of the quantity theory of money and Utopian market economics? Hadn't they experienced the joys of that when alive, from the IMF?


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