Babies, Pits, Paupers....

Very little changes. I was musing on how radical individualists become collectivists when mystically referring to 'the markets' and how we must obey them earlier on today, when I came across this story over at the exile. It is understandable that a busy city-state with many in it should have some problem laying human remains to rest; but burying pauper children four deep in a pit? In 2010?

Good God. Things are bad and getting worse. Well done to the London Evening Standard for exposing all of this, I suppose.

The truth is that the west as a whole, but particularly the US and Britain, have built up huge deficits in trade, and in government and personal budgets, and they also have huge debt. The Asians are growing, but are only using our currencies, so they are lending to us.

All they have to do is spend their surplus on oil, or minerals, or buy and loot our companies. If they also slow down lending, we will find our currencies falling but their economies locked away and our costs rising. Our wages are also going to be dragged down to a global median wage if we continue, and we can't not, really, with globalised trade.

Since wages are 'sticky' downwards, we are going to therefore face unemployment and a liquidity trap. We are facing it, as a country and as 'the west', in proportion to how deeply we drank from the banksters' nonsense draught over the past thirty years. That means, along with falling numbers of young and growing numbers of old, that government tax revenues will fall, and then that our welfare systems will become meagre insurance against poverty.

And paupers' graves. All that not investing in science and maths and proper education, and all those aborted workers aren't really working out for us now, are they? Still, at least we ignored the marketeers and subsidised farmers all these past years, so we can still grow food when we need to...unless the world gets cooler.

The problem is not the number of people. It lies in how wealth is held, how people conceive of social responsibility, and how we use our reason and discard our fellows. That contempt is exposed in our attitude to the poor, and to our dead.

I feel like Geronimo in his broken tribute show days, when I walk down the street now. All these homeless young braves, all that waste; why is that going on? Why is this society, specifically Britain, because I know how to read it, so contemptuous of its own?

Here's a memory culled from before, when most thought that they could change the world.


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