David Cameron Should Say if He Has Ever Taken Heroin or Cocaine or a Class A Drug

Because he has acknowledged the rumours in denying that he had taken drugs in the past decades, or whilst a Member of Parliament, and because he believes that the next election will be a matter of character, David Cameron should give a simple answer to the rumours and anecdotes and potential slanders flying around from people who knew him in Oxford, and given the reputation of the Bullingdon Club, and from those who knew him when he was in public relations.

No reader should read these words as anything other than a request that Mr Cameron make a denial on a matter of public interest, and given the present atmosphere, that he do so unequivocally. Charles Kennedy, after all, was asked if he had a drink problem, and Gordon Brown has also answered deeply personal questions in the past.

Did Mr Cameron take illegal drugs that change perception, alter neural pathways, affect personality, and which sustain an international network of murder and crime whilst enjoying the privilege of a good education? His right to a cloak of personal business ends when he wants to take the authority to raise taxes or kill people that political executives wield.

So I've set up a facebook group. It's a pathetically small gesture; but what else can you do with these people?


Mary said…
I don't think he should say anything. Clearly he's okay now and has no ongoing problems. Charles Kennedy did have huge problems with alcohol so he had to go despite the fact that he made a lot of sense most of the time. Gordon Brown is probably on all kinds of medication. Just because he denied it does not mean he can be believed. The man is a liar.

I do not like David Cameron and I have never voted Conservative, but if I was in the UK at the time of the next election that is what I would do. I couldn't care less if he snorted cocaine when he was a student. The fact is, he's not doing it anymore.

I know you like Gordon Brown and I think you're going to vote for him.(I really don't believe you'll stay home and abstain) If he wins the next election it will be testimony to the craziness of the British voter but at least he will have some legitimacy. At the moment, he is unelected. He is a laughing stock and a disgrace. He is also the reason that DC will romp home whether or not he was fuelled by cocaine for his entire student life.

I do know that the polls are telling a dofferent story.
Martin Meenagh said…
Hi Mary

These people annoy me so much. Gordon Brown doesn't strike me as on medication; he reminds me of Scottish people I have known, and of my little brother. I think that he should have called an election when he came in, like Anthony Eden did.

Cocaine has long-term effects on some, though not all. I think that it isn't silly to suggest that the 'irrational exuberance' of the city and media in the nineties, which put us in a mess, was in part down to it, and I wonder what it did to George W Bush in the long run.

The fact is that people who seek the power to take taxes--essentially to take my earnings--or to kill, which is what executives too, should be under scrutiny.

I can't stand the idea of abstaining. But which lie do I tell to myself if I value my conscience? It's an odd question for anyone from an Irish tradition and the sort of machine-town background that I had to ask, but why should politics be the choice of the lesser evil?

The polls are all over the place and Britain's electoral system is broken. Twenty-two per cent of those with a vote went for the government last time; just under twenty per cent for the opposition. Practically any other vote was ignored. The subsequent years have been spent on futile wars, predictable collapses, expenses and self-indulgence.

I think that the election will come down to who will manage the inevitable economic crisis of the next two years in the most humane way.

By the way, I have good friends who were drugheads. Add coke to the natural arrogance of someone like Cameron--at any stage in their life--and you get all sorts of issues with anger,zoning-out, and arrogance, and a human tragedy. Look at W.

I'm not just writing this for form; none of what I have written should be taken in any way as an allegation that Mr Cameron has defininitively used cocaine, crack, Heroin, or any of the other things people of his class and background (and I could name names) in positions of status might be expected to have experienced.
Martin Meenagh said…
lol--I should have written 'what executives do', not too. Perhaps I have been inhaling on the way to work. There are some streets in London that stink of what I assume to be weed at some times of the day.
Mary said…
I'm sure you do a grave disservice to your little brother!

And who is W?
Martin Meenagh said…
George W Bush, the well known Irish peacemaker.
Mary said…
Ah,I thought you might mean Dubya. Just checking. Now that he's safely gone I feel rather more kindly towards him. Perverse I know. I hadn't realised that he'd taken drugs but was aware he used to drink heavily. Also, I thought he was just amazingly stupid rather than damaged if you know what I mean. He was always good for a laugh anyway.
Martin Meenagh said…
See, I used to swither between thinking that he had a sort of Gene-Hackman/Harrison Fordish kind of charm and blaming Dick Cheney and the Washington establishment for what happened. I prefer sensible, conservative conservatives who look after money and who don't want to kill people to set the world to rights. That was part of Clinton's appeal, alongside all the annoying things. But I've come round to the view that Bush was chemically and cognitively damaged, cold, and to blame for most of the faults of his administration, including initially ignoring people like Richard Clarke and being asleep on the job. His father was a sort of maimed but privileged hack too. It would have been better if McCain or Bradley had won in 2000, I think.

By the way, I disagree with you--I don't think, if you look at reports of his reading and his manoeuvring, that W was stupid, at all, not just because of the Ivy League MBA (his scores were higher than Gore's). I think that was a comfortable thing for people to believe, but very wide of the mark. He was just fried, pig ignorant, and very driven but far too righteous and far too enmeshed in a sort of petrified politics. I wish that he had a different Vice-President too.

Let me be vulgar--the problem with the second Bush administration is that almost everybody in it would have benefitted mightily from getting properly laid, a lot, at some point in their youth or early adulthood. The tragedy was that none did.

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