For those of you frothing at the mouth about Mossad Assassinations.....

Haaretz are quoting 'senior Hamas sources' as suggesting that an Arab state or combination thereof carried out that Dubai killing that I raised an eyebrow at last month, amongst others. That makes much more sense, of course, since just about everyone in the region bar the Iranian Revolutionary Guard hates the Hamas legbreakers and killers who were in Dubai, presumably to buy things from Guard members that day. I guess car bombings and outside killings are too passe for Egypt and Syria these days.

In other news, two individuals linked to Fateh seem to have been held for questioning in Dubai about the job.

On the other hand, a command post in Vienna seems to have been the link for cellular phones used in the killing--and, bizarrely, linked to forensic evidence in the Mumbai incident.

I of course pretend to no special knowledge. I was, well, just saying; perhaps it suits everyone to let Israel take the heat and credit for this one.


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