Good Evening Batfans

The icon is Andrei Rublev's Trinity. It holds a special meaning for me, as usual connected with a woman currently with child in Italy and an old friend in France. We all watched Tarkovsky's great, great film on Rublev one evening long ago in a little old black and white thing in a place long gone. I was reminded of it tonight when I stumbled across Bryan Cross' great Principium Unitatis site.

There was I, tired after a very hard week, and wondering about what my friend Martin has called a 'kulturkampf' against Catholicism being waged by some of the more poorly but expensively educated products of European secularism. Martin has a brilliant line in characterisations, and he is a well read, learned man. Really though, Martin--which one of these retread Marxist and bloodthirsty liberal chumps is remotely comparable to Bismarck? Their only kulturkampf is finding one.

Then, well, what should I find? The Pope? Speaking in Latin? At the wailing wall of the Temple in Jerusalem? Well that, and a spot of Felix Roma on youtube has cheered me up. My mental mappa mundi extends to Donegal, The United States of America, Jerusalem, and the Vatican. The rest of it, Ireland, Israel and any serious science centre excepted, can fall into the sea frankly. Except Burgundy, and maybe London. Anyway, here it is; enjoy.


Ropi said…
As far as I know the point of "kulturkampf" was to take away education from church in order to bring up loyal German citizens, because the state could make the curriculum.
A Hungarian
Martin Meenagh said…
Well, that too. Welcome to the blog :D

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